anger Hill Stables

About Us

Zanger Hill Stables was born on a business trip to South America. Kim served as the executive coach to the President of Latin American and while on a trip working with the General Manager of the Chilean business, she tried some horses for herself. The GM was a distinguished Grand Prix rider with an up and coming son. To provide his son with good horses that could some day compete in the Olympics, the GM traveled to Belgium to purchase a number of high end Zangersheide mares and stallions. He brought them to Chile and started breeding them there, having the ambassador from Zangershide to Chile to certify the colts and fillies. After the horse Kim tried on her trip and choose to purchase won the Grand Prix two weeks in a row, the owners changed their mind about selling. Kim decided to put that money into young stock for her children. Her vision was to have potential talented partners for her children while teaching them how to truly ride by riding unbroken to Grand Prix level horses. She has imported over 20 horses from South America, including many she has bred herself.

​In 2008, Kim’s sister Cindy believed in Kim’s vision and wanted to become part of it. An Aeronautical Engineer, Cindy became a partner in several horses. She serves as an advisor and keen partner in several areas of the business including being the most ardent and committed person on Foal Watch 2014!