anger Hill Stables

Michael Janson on Abel Girl Z in Lake Placid

Hannah Janson winning on Quica Z in High Children's Jumper

About the Breed

Studfarm Zangersheide is one of the world’s top breeding center for show-jumping has horses who have won the Olympics and other international awards. This studbook was created to improve the show jumping horse and is continuing to try to upgrade the show jumping horse through performance and genealogical research.

Studfarm Zangersheide is located in the center of Europe in Lanaken (Belgium). Beginning as a show jumping stables in the early 70s, they later evolved into Studbook Zangersheide in 1992, a show jumping studbook for show jumping horses!Zangersheide recruited the best scientists in horse genetics and with their aid developed highly advanced reproduction techniques. The breeding strategies are based on research and pioneering, on sport marketing and programmed breeding. Their philosophy is the purposeful breeding for the sport. Techniques such as AI, X-ray examination, embryo transplantation, endoscopic insemination were cultivated into what now has become daily practice.

With its open policies of the studbook and unique services, this studbook offers the best genetic materials from anywhere in the world. Products are marketed through Z-Magazine, published in four languages. Headquarters are in the center of Europe in Belgium.The “Z” label means foals have been fully DNA-tested to ensure authenticity of the horse’s papers.A truly cutting-edge approach to creating the best horses in the world of show jumping.